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Basics of Starting a Business Part Two

Halo Entrepreneurs! Today I'll continue giving tips about the basics to build a strong business. I explained a little about the foundation in the first part which is the root of this tree. It consists of vision and mission, money, and quality. I'll continue in this second part.

Basics of Starting a Business Part Two


Here's the second part. So, I see that we all want a shady tree that has green leaves. For the tree to be shady and even can bear fruits means that the tree really can give you results.

So it means that this business can give more to society, to the employees, and also to yourself. You want your business to give you good results. You have to make strategies for that to happen.

You must do the marketing. The purpose of the marketing is to make the tree to be shady with green leaves. And this is the final result from this tree.

A growing tree will bear fruits and will have greener leaves. That's what the marketing must do. How to make people feel happy and feel the benefit from your business?

So you have to give the best service and the best marketing. The next step is the second one.

Number two is about marketing, service, and branding. Why I don't discuss sales here? Because the definition of sales is not how we sell, basically, we help people that need the certain products. That's sales.

A professional sales are not the one who talks a lot. But the one who asks things digging for the people's needs information. So what people need will be fulfilled. That's sales.

That's why I write it as service not sales. It's about how we can give a service to the ones who need it. For example, you have an English translation service. People need that translation service.

People will use your service if you give the best treatment. So you set word by word with good grammar and the composition of a well-formed word that looks pro. Proportional and arranged by good material.

Good English grammar. The people will be happy and the happier your customer is, the more they use your service. They also would recommend you to their friends. So, sales are not about selling the product.

It's about how you service your customer. How good is your service? People will come to you.

The more people that come to you happily, they will also bring their friends without being asked to. So that is what makes a business produce fruits. It is growing.

So in the second step, you need to do marketing, of course. What is marketing? Marketing is giving people information. Not a promotion. It's about solution information.

Apparently there's a solution if you are busy at the moment and don't have much time to wash your car, there's a solution. We provide a 24/7 solution.

It doesn't matter how dirty is your car, we guarantee it will be cleaned well in our place.

And we give the best service. If people are happy with your business, they will keep coming back for more without you do any promotion or else. What you must do is giving the right information about a solution.
A solution for their problems. Get it? That's what makes people interested in your business. And if they are happy with your business, you will get more fruits from your tree.

Branding. It's not about the logo, not about the color of your business or about the picture. None of them.

Branding is about how your customers talk about your business. Right? If your business is awesome, the service is good and friendly, people will say, "Such a cool business. Let's go there!" They will come together with their friends.

But if your business has a very bad service, unfriendly, the employees are also unfriendly, What's the branding? People will say, "Don't go there!" Right? That's branding.

So branding is how you talk about your product, but how your customers talk about your product.

That's branding. It's not something that you can get by one night. It is formed through the process.

The process of your service to your customer. Nowadays, you have to do the business by heart with good service.

If you don't do it by heart, the customer will feel it too. They will not feel a genuine sincere heart, so they will go to the others who give them the sincere heart.

You pay attention to that, you bring that up because that's what is needed. It's not about how cool your product is. That's good. You must have it. It's in the first step which is called quality.

Of course, if you make a product, that has to be great, qualified, and distinctive. The one that will give a different solution. People will still need it.

But, besides that, you must do the good service. You must bring up the information and solution. Let's say we have a laundry business. How do I bring up my marketing?

First, are you giving the people a solution for their problem with their clothes? What is the solution? "Are you too busy with your work and don't have time to do the laundry?

Let us do it all. You can wash clothes, pants, shoes, or else.

You can bring anything that can be cleaned to our place. There's a "100% money-back guarantee" or something like that.

There's a contact person, testimonials, and more. Whatever it is to make people trust you. So when people really bring dirty clothes to your place, give them the best service.

They will be happy. You don't have to promote that much if your customers are happy. They'll spread the testimonial of your business to their friends. I guarantee.

So, marketing is not that hard. All you have to do is giving the information and the solution. That's it! You give the best service if people come to your business. That will become the branding.

That will make your tree to be shadier. Those are my tips for you. Don't overthink about marketing. What's important is you do anything the best way by heart. People will be loyal to you. 

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Okay. That's two tips about the second part - basics of building a business. About marketing, service, and branding. So your business will bear many fruits and the leaves are greener. I will continue with my next tips about how this can run well. 

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