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Digital Marketing Is Not a Business?

Anyway, I want to tell you about 2 things. I want to clarify some things. I have lots of questions in my blog asking what kind of business digital marketing is. Or something like that. Digital marketing can make a lot of money. 

Digital Marketing Is Not a Business?

I want to clarify some things that are not true. So... digital marketing and online business are two different things. Don't mix them up. The most important thing to remember is digital marketing is marketing.

How to make people come to your store, create interest and demand. That's the thing for digital marketing. So, digital marketing is not business. It's a strategy to make people come to your online/offline store, and make them interested in your product. That's digital marketing.

So... if you know about digital marketing, you can make people come to your business, whatever it is. Whatever the business is, you make them come to you with digital marketing. You make them interested and buy your product. That's digital marketing.

Before you get into digital marketing, you must know what your business is. Don't just say you want to learn digital marketing because you want money.

What is your business? Or for example, this... If you want to learn digital marketing, how much is your starting fund? The question is, what is your business?

For example, if I have no money, how can I start learning digital marketing? Very easy. Just work under someone. Not everyone has to be done alone. Done.

If there's someone who has a business, like a restaurant, you can be their digital marketer, by bringing people to them.

And you work for them, which means they will fund you. Which means you don't need to spend a cent, and you will be paid.

If you're good enough and made them popular, put it in your portfolio and go to the next business and show them that you managed to make the previous one popular.

And then the next business will pay you again and now you can list it in your portfolio. From these portfolios, you gain your skill. You are paid by them to learn.

They pay you for testing. Now you have the skill. If you're confident enough, you can run your own business, since you managed to run other people's businesses.

But if you're at 0, and you want to run your own business. It's a bit tricky, you need the fund, right? And then you also need the experience, everything.

Which is really heavy at the beginning. Rather than working in a shady place and use the money for running the business and fail, usually, it's like that, right? Using the little money that you have and fail, and then work again, that's not right. Not right at all.

You have to work where you can grow your skill. Not just to get money to spend on Facebook ads. It won't end well. It takes too long. It's better you learn in a place where you can grow your skill, and then getting money, experience and know what you want to do.

That's it. Digital marketing & business are different. When you have a business, you apply digital marketing. So get a business first, not digital marketing. Digital marketing is not a business, it's a skill.

Okay, about dropshipping. It's just a business model. It's one business model. It's very small.

And it doesn't have to be from AliExpress. I will talk about this in another article. But my point is, you have to know what business you are in. And use digital marketing to boost your business. It can be an online business or offline.

Shop, cafe, restaurant, everything can use digital marketing, as long as the audience is connected to the internet.

Who doesn't own a smartphone these days? Well, those in the suburbs might not, but in the big cities, it means you have an audience. And it means digital marketing can be applied.

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