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Do This Marketing Technique Now On Your Business

Just like that, she had over 150 responses. Not only had she started to build the base of her business, but she had something amazing that she could use later on in her marketing.

Do This Marketing Technique Now On Your Business

What I'm going to be doing is sharing  with you even more tried, tested  and proven ideas in the digital world.  So we're going to be talking digital marketing, we're going to be talking lead generation, and we may even talk about some of the common mistakes that some people make in their web design and on their sales funnels.

But today we're talking about something that I love and it's called POP. POP is something that we learned from Russell Brunson. If you're not sure who Russell Brunson is, he's the creator of ClickFunnels.

He's an incredible author and an even better marketer. And POP is the one-question survey. What I'm going to do later on is I'm going to share with you the exact question that we're using in our one-question survey.

But first, let's talk about the benefits, let's talk about how diverse this is, let's talk about how amazing the POP strategy is. So where can you use this? And this is what I love.

You can use this on webinars. You can use this in your digital marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter. You can use this in your email.

You can use this in small groups, large groups, and it is just so engaging because what you're doing is asking people for their opinion. Another thing that I love about this is you don't need software to do it. 

A lot of people are slightly concerned about having too many software systems and linking them together, but with this, you can do this with direct messaging, you can do this with simple one-to-one emails, you can do it on mass emails, and you can do it in person.

You don't necessarily if you don't want to,
use something like Survey Monkey or another survey creator. Okay?

So the benefits of this are amazing. The benefit of doing this is that what you're going to do is you're going to engage your market base in a very simple and honest way and you're going to get a lot of feedback.

But what you're going to get is the language that your market uses so that you can then use it when in your marketing. You can start to use the keywords, the key terms, the terminology that people are using to describe the problem they have that you have the solution to.

So I think I've 'salted' this far enough. I'm sure you know the process. Let me tell you what the one question is on the POP strategy. The question is, "If you could ask me one question on lead generation, what would it be?"

Now, you can swap in lead generation for your field, for what it is you do, for your product or service, but it's simply that. "If you could ask me one question on web design, what would it be?"

"If you could ask me one question on LinkedIn lead generation, which is a big thing we're doing, what would it be?" It's that simple. I would honestly suggest that you would take this idea, test it with big groups, test it with large groups, test it online, test it offline and start to learn more about how your audience describes the problem they have. 

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Thank you very much for being here on my first Mondays. I can't wait to share more information with you in the digital marketing world. Until next time, thank you very much.

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