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5 Tips How To Be Successful In Small Business

 Well, most of you want to be more successful. The problem is, But it depends on you. You wanna be successful, right? So, what are you guys watching now?

If some of you watching Youtube, watching an obscured news, politics, and so on, including the strange ones, quarrelsome, and so on. How does it help you to be more successful? That's first. 

How to make your business more successful

Second, okay, let's narrow it a bit... What success means to you? Let's narrow it a bit. The most person told me, they wanted to be successful. And I asked them back. What's success for you? They mostly said it's financial freedom.

We talk about this first, okay? Actually, there are plenty of definitions of success... Starting from family, relationship, spirituality with God, and many else.

But in this case, let's narrow it first, okay. Success, in context for financial. Many people said success is financial freedom. But, when I asked them back, what exactly is the financial freedom liked?

Able buying anything without hesitation, they said. Yes, but how much is exactly, guys? Okay, I could do this and that.

But how much is exactly, and they couldn't tell me so. Just imagine, if you pray to God, "God, please give me success", "Hopefully, I could be more successful", and so on. If your prayer weren't detailed, God wouldn't know how much to give you.

For God, you are already successful, since you can watch Youtube. Many children out there just imagine... still hungered and hardly able to eat, While you are already able to watch Youtube, which means, you are successful already.

So, if you don't ask in detail, "how much" is success for you, then God assumes you are already successful. We're all already successful. Successful in our own? Yes. 

But what is called "Success?", you're already successful. So, if you wanna be successful, here are some tips so you can be more detailed.

Five Keys to Business Success

1. Set Your Goal

First, set your goal. You wannabe successful, how much is your goal? Let's say, I wanna have an income this much per year. Or, I wanna have an income this much per month.

Be detailed, first... "Cause, just imagine, if. For instance, I'm in Australia. Then I say, I wanna go out. I wanna take a plane, a car, a bus, a bicycle. It's totally fine.

When I say wanna go to the US, like today, then ride the bicycle is no longer appropriate. How long does it take to ride a bicycle to the US, guys? could be days. You could hardly arrive there.

So, if you have a goal, such as an income of 10 billion, for instance. But, your job can't produce it fast enough. Yeah, you probably could, but... maybe after you're aged 60's, 70's, or 80's.

You must set how much is your goal first. If you wish for 100 million, that is fine. There's nothing wrong with it, guys, nothing's wrong with it.

How much money you wish for, is nothing wrong with it. That's your goal.

2. Strength and Weakness

The second is, you must know your strength and weakness. I often asked many people, right? What is your strength? What is your weakness?..

Nobody knew. Well, seemed to me, I'm diligent, passionate, and so on. Well, it's a requirement, it's a requirement. It's not strength.

Like applying for a job, then saying, "Sir, I want to play a job". Okay, what's your strength? "I can write, Sir". Well, everyone can write. Otherwise, we won't hire.

You must set your strength at first. You must recognize it. If you don't know about yourself, how can you "sell" yourself? You wanna work in here and there. What is your strength, then? Flat, blank and you get confused again.

Some saying, "I wanna seek a partner, Sir"..."I wanna seek a business partner", the people around you would say, why should I become your partner?

What do you got, anyway? You must set first. For example, "I can work in a team"... "I can work under pressure, Sir", dateline, I can do it all. It doesn't matter, guys. Those are requirements you must have.

Your strength is like, "I'm very good at counting and figures, Sir"... "I'm very analytical", "I'm so into it". I love figures. Okay, "My skill is negotiating, Sir"..."I love negotiating". Meet and negotiate with other people. Another example, I know well about digital marketing strategies. 

"I can arrange the digital campaign, and so on.." So, you need that to be 'sold". You need that to be more progressive. That you know where you up to.

If you're very good at negotiating, then the company would put you in the public relation, department, for instance.

From that point, your networking could be broader, since you meet. A lot of people, not only your networking, but you also could get many jobs and transactions, and so on.

So you can obtain multiple streams of income. The next is, you must know. A very successful person, who started from zero, has a journey. And the journey usually has problems. There must be problems in life, whether small or big, that's what we must manage. 

3. Internal VS Eksternal

Many of you who don't know to understand that. I divide problems in two categories, which are, inner and external problems. Inner problems are between you and yourself, being not confident, I feel like this, so, it's all about "me".

So, when I have a chat with others, what often occurs is, always "me" mostly, the problems are internal.

External problems are dealing with work. I don't know where I must find the distributors. I don't know where to sell. I don't know whether advertise it digitally, conventionally, franchise, or else. 

External problems are from outside ourselves. External problems are easier. Internal problems are a bit tough actually, since someone with the internal problem has a mindset, that he/she has no any problem.

So, when someone tells him/her that he/she has problem "A", he/she would refuse it, or such a defense against it, "You're crazy" to a crazy person. He/she would laugh, and throw us back our saying. 

So, that's the example of an internal problem. Now, you must determine at first. You must look into yourself. Which on your problem is? Internal or external ones.

External is easy. You just manage this and that, you come to successful people, taught this and that, including the strategy, the networking, and done.

But when it comes to internal, it's a problem. Many people saying this, "I want it this way," If one's already say so, it's got to be an internal problem. "I like this one...", or... "I want to sell this product, no matter what"

Now, that's obviously internal, since always referring to "me". "I must get this..."  "I want this..." "I like this one..." "I want it this way..."

"Somehow must be this" or "Anyhow must be that", those words must be referring to an internal problem. I'm hardly speaking in front of the camera, for instance.
Okay, to be an insurance agent, for example. Since there were some questions about it a few days ago. For an insurance agent, the company seeks the person at first, If seeking the person, then you must bring the brand.

At least, in the digital world, you must be willing to make a vlog like this. You must upgrade IG stories, for example. Now, after that, you say, well, I can hardly speak in front of a camera. "I'm this", "I'm that" Well, that is an internal problem.

You have to fix that, confidence, public speaking, and so on, that basically included in the internal problem. The external strategy is simple, make a vlog. That's on the external. The internal needs a long explanation.

You must be able to separate them first, recognize them, and fix them one at a time.
If the internal problems still exist, then you will hardly solve the external problems. So, first, the internal problems, then fix the external ones.

4. Industry Trend

Okay, the next four is, check whether your industry is "down" or "up", yesterday, in Mastermind, in brainstorming, we discussed that if you want to succeed, think about whether your business trend is "going down" or "going up".

If your business trend is on "going down", then, no matter you run, you would be dragged down as well. But if your business is on "going up", then, your business will be going up, without any bother.

Now, where is your industry? If I can tell you now, If your industry connects to digital, mostly are "going up" since digitals are going up now. If the business is so conventional, the commodities and else would be slowing down.

So you must know first, what is the industry. Successful entrepreneurs are moving around. When e-commerce was booming, they were all there. When crypto was booming, they all were also there. I don't suggest you playing crypto, but that's what my friends did.

They were creative, that is what I wanted to highlight. From one spot, they moved to another one. They seemed always to be "early adapters". While the failed ones, they liked to put off, "It seemed digital, but I can't do it".
"I 'm digitally blind, I'm this and that".Back to the internal problem. So, it's like a matter of "circle of hell". When you seeing a business grows faster, you may think, "Can I do this?", or "What if this going down?", and so on. So, internally, you have no guts to act. This, you make yourself going nowhere.

5. Super Connecting

Well, that was it. And the last one is, "Super Connecting",  It's very important. It's not "Connecting", but "Super Connecting".

Networking is fine, It's good. You meet a lot of people. But after that, is "Super connecting". For instance, if iI tells you to join in my workshop at a premium price, you would have extraordinarily remarkable networking.
In my workshop, you would be super-connected. What would that mean? You need to find a person or media that can bring, your business moving up to the next level.

So, you need this person. If you know Jack Canfield, who wrote "Chicken Soup" if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong. But, the book of "Chicken Soup" was booming after being covered by Oprah.

Yesterday, in Dubai, I met with the founder of UGG Boot. The product was so booming after being covered by Oprah. Oprah also bought hundred pieces of shoes for her team at that time, if I'm not mistaken.
That made him booming around the world, and now he is a billionaire, billionaire in US Dollars.

So, connecting is really important. So, some say, what is the good of networking, and so on? "I can do it alone in front of the computer, anyway.." moreover, here are the digital marketers.

You never see the world out there. You are still focused on the computer. Out there, they already partnering, and so on. Networking is okay, But along with networking, the next step is "Super-Connecting".

Find someone that able to be your mentor..
The one that can bring you to the next level. But usually, before it happens, all of the previous points must be clear already.

You must know whether you're in the right industry or not, you must know what your skills are, the problems, the strength, and weaknesses, you must know everything.
So, when you meet this person, he/she will immediately, see you as a good seed that he/she able to grow high. So, see it reversely. You see that person, that person doesn't have to see who you are.

Whether that you're potential or not, skillful enough, got a inner-clean, If these have been completed, then you can go up. 

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So, here they are 5 tips from me to becoming successful. Hopefully, you will be successful in this year and the upcoming years. Good luck, guys.

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