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How To Improve Communication Skills In Workplace

 One of the most frustrating things in life is miscommunication and in business this is disastrous, when this happens because it can impact team dynamics, strategies, you name it, things can go downward quite quickly.

How To Improve Communication Skills In Workplace

Well, if you would like to improve communication skills at work, stay tuned,
because I have some really great tips for you in this article.

In order to improve communication skills in your workplace and be great to get attention, because you got to kind of tune into your body sensations when you are communicating.

There is energy around us all the time and picking up on that stuff is critical so stay tuned until the end of this article, because I'm giving you my free mindfulness work guide so that you can be a better communicator.

Hi, I'm Adriana Girdler, a Productivity expert with over 20-plus years in the business. Good communication in business is a must and I'm going to share with you five tips on how you can be a great communicator at work.

Underestimate people's understanding. A graduate student from Stanford University did this study which show that those who are presenting overestimated how much their audience was taking in.

Now, we do this all the time. We think that I said something and guess what? You've soaked it all up. It's not the case so what you need to do is underestimate so as I like to say, over communicate.

A lot of times just because we said something once we could have been distracted, some things are in our mind, who knows, but saying it over and over again, over communicating particularly really critical points is a key if you're gonna be a great communicator at work.

Clarify and double-check. Now, this is a two-way street so whenever I'm giving information, as I said earlier on, I over communicate to make sure but I also ask people, 'Do you understand what I'm saying to you and asking?'

But vice-versa if you're getting information from people, particularly instructions or agreements, you really want to say, 'Okay, let me repeat back to you what I heard you say,' or 'Is this the agreement that we have?'

Those simple little techniques are huge in ensuring that everybody is on the same page so clarify and double-check. Have you ever had to re-clarify information that someone gave to because it was really unclear?

Well, in the comments below say 'Hell yeah!' Take a breather. Okay, that simple technique of just being really aware of breath can play a huge impact in communication, because it gives you that ten seconds just to kind of let things go. 

Things can be stressful, things can be frustrating and if you have to reply right away without taking that second it can have dire consequences on outcomes and you don't want to do it so I actually have a 10-second/24-hour rule and want to share with you.

If you have something that is really critical, give yourself 10 seconds, take some deep breaths, quickly count to 10 before your answer, it just gives you enough time to formulate your thought and the other little trick I have is 24 hours.

If something major happened and you're stressed and frustrated and you need to
communicate about it, don't rush into it, okay, 'cause sometimes that can have a real negative impact, give yourself 24 hours.

Give yourself that breather, that room to think about it, calm down and truly your communication will be a lot better it will be one that is not charged and that's exactly what you want when you're gonna be a great communicator at work. Stay focused.

Now, this may kind of seem like, what? For communication? But yes, in communication you need to stay focused and what do I mean by this?

Really, it's listening and not formulating so if you're gonna be great with communication at work and improve your communication skills, you really have to learn how to be in the moment and listen to what the other person is saying to you.

This is something that we could all work on, including myself, every day of listening and really being in the moment and not trying to formulate our thoughts that we have a great response to give back to the person because then we're missing out on some really important things that they're trying to tell us because we're still focused on ourselves when really we got to be focused on the other person.

Choose the right method. Now, we all know
to have effective communication is not always about face-to-face interactions. We have communication all the time with people electronically and if you're lucky.

You get something in the snail mail like a card which I always love, I still like that old-fashioned kind of communication, but that all being said there are different ways to communicate and you got to know when to do it so if you have something really important to say to someone, I really highly recommend you do it face to face.

That way you can have conversation and they can explain their side of the story, but if it's just generic communication as to what's going on, email is the place to do it but try to keep it short and sweet.

On that note, really think about what and
how and who and then based on that you can decide the method of communication that's going to work best.

Now that you're a better communicator at work, it is important that you become very mindful about your communication and I want you to take a look at this amazing download I have for you, just click on the link below and you can grab these great tips and techniques that are going to help you improve your communication.

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Here are some tips on improving the communication you can try and good luck with.

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