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How To Start A Business For A Teenager

 In this article, I want to highlight one thing, that. There are plenty of questions out there, outside the workshop, "I wanna start up a business." "But what business?", or "What business easy to make?".

Or else stuff, I'm still in college, should I go on or quick? Then make a business. But, what business I should choose? The question is always around of, "What business"? 

How To Start A Business For A Teenager

Anyway, for me, it's unusual that people want to make business, but they don't know what business to make, It just suddenly came up.

Now, the question is, If you have no idea what business to make,... Then, you also have no knowledge to make a business. That's one thing you need to comprehend very much.

So, don't think that finding ideas for business is easy. No, it's not. If you never make a business and are confused about what business to make... For me, the answer is so simple.

Join to work at someone else's first, Howcome? 'Cause when you decided to make a business, could you run it? Imagine this one.

You never have your own business, but wanna make a business. Let's say, I suggested you make business "A". This online business, or else. Since you have no initial picture, though the idea came from me, you won't be able to make the execution.

For instance, I say to you, "Let's create a platform to print t-shirts. After that, you get confused, What platform does mean?.. How could I execute it? What things that I must have? What is the software? Where the revenue comes from? Do I need a reseller?... And so on, It's all blank.

But in the contrary, If you already know everything in detailed,... You ever worked at the place you dreamed about, for example, in printing t-shirts, you would directly be able to see the opportunity.

"I know how to print", get the supply of goods, the supplier, up to the marketing, I know a little bit.

For the production and else, I do comprehend it very well. As soon as you comprehend it all, then it's easy for you to create a printing business. Alright, fine, I know how to do this and that.

Now, I need someone else to bring me more customers, for instance. Since you already know everything. So, what you need to do now, is if you wanna make a business if you still searching for an idea if you're a real starter,...

"I wanna start a business, but I don't have money". Well, it's quite serious. If i give the money, what business you will make, anyway? That's the question.

If you have an idea about the business, and the money, are you sure, you could run it? Not necessarily, right? So, mostly, our ideas stucked on our mindset nor our knowledge.

So, my suggestion is, when you wanna start a new business, start it with working for someone else first. Help that person until the business growing big.

If you couldn't help another person, how if you're on your own? Imagine this, you're on your own, You must recruit everything alone.

You must manage people, you must understand leadership. You must understand management. Everything, including marketing and intrepreneurship as well.

While, if you learn from someone else, you would get a minor position. You get a particular job, which, if you perform well in, constantly, you would get promoted to a higher position.

You could be trusted to lead special divisions, special projects, and so on. Which is, really good, since the fund comes from the owner. You don't have to expend your own money.

If that so, does making business need money? Yes.

At first, you could help someone else first. You could help someone else first. After comprehending everything, you could create a new business idea, with your skill and knowledge.

There are plenty of funders you could search out there. So many investors out there. Trully, there so many investors. So, yesterday, I met some people, they said, "Den, if you have any project, we wanna join in."

Investors are like that. If there is any project, they wanna come in. What's that supposed to mean? It means that, if we have a good idea, proven, partnering with friends, money could be coming from the investors, instead of from our own.

So, I suggest you to work for someone else first. After that, add your knowledge, so you know what business you wanna make. Add your insight...

Practice your skill, and you must have a network. You must have these three things. So, you need knowledge, skill, and networking. So, that's what you need to start a business.

If you're not experienced yet, join in some elses business first, help them succeed in business.

So, at least you know how to run, a business using someone elses sources, instead of using your own. So, you 're not worried to handle all alone.

There's another thing, If you see many people out there, They said, they wanna drop out of college, then start a business..

Then you follow some other, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out, Steve Jobs dropped out. And who else? Bill Gates dropped out as well.

Do not follow them drop out of college too. Because when they dropped out of college, Mark, for instance, he had created "Facebook" when he was still in college.

So, he's not making business after drop out of college. He already started a business, but since, he had no time enough to run his business, he finally decided to drop out of college.

So, do not bother to drop out the college soon, and after that, create a business, but you don't know what business you wanna make.

Make up your mind first, what business you wanna make. But if you wanna drop out, that would be your own decision, but I never suggest it.

But that's your own decision. But if you drop out, then you get confused what business to make, I think you got the wrong way.

Though without drop out, you still can get knowledge and networking. It' no big deal. Not everything is measured with money. 

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So, do not measure anything with money, like the lecturer is poor. Don't think like that, man.

They have value, they have everything else other than money. So, this world is not always about money, the point is, this world is more than money itself.

So, hopefully, this video will help you. If you get confused about how to start a business, help some others first. That's my suggestion.

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