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How To Start A Dropshipping Business For Beginners

 Is Dropshipping HOT business in the e-Commerce space!! If you’re wondering why, it’s beccuse hundreds of merchants, just like you, are looking to gain  big profits, with minimal effort. 

That’s right, cha-ching! Welcome back. You how to create your own dropshipping business right from your home.  

How To Start A Dropshipping For Beginners

How To Do Dropshipping

How to do drop shipping? Drop shipping becomes something popular nowadays because it is so easy to enter the e-commerce market and you can reach millions of buyers around the globe. 

Do you have experience with dropshipping, what do you think? 

Write in the comment below if you have some experience or interesting story that you want to share. And now i want to talk about how to do drop shipping because so many people don't understand how to start. 

What is dropshipping? 

It is a business model for your online store. You need to cooperate with your supplier, as a retailer. So once your customer buys a product from your store. You just forward it to the supplier and they will send it to your customer directly. 

What is the benefit of Dropshipping?

There is no inventory cost. So you can start today, just by creating a website and start selling the product. 

Here are 5 steps you’ll need to take to start your very own  dropshipping business. So first things first. You’ll need to outline the necessary steps to take, before kickstarting your business.

These include the following:
1. Create A Business Plan
2. Test Your Supplier
3. Set Up Shop 
4. Write Product Descriptions
5. Find Some Customers.

Step 1: When first creating your business plan, you’ll need to decide on what to resell, choose a supplier, identify your target audience, and strategize how you’ll reach your consumer. And of course, you’ll need to set your budget too. 

Step 2: Test Your Supplier Once you have found a supplier you’re content with, make sure to test both their products and shipping services. Place one or two of your business, do not forget to put a good representative of your business.

Next 3: Set up your shop. Will you use Etsy, Shopify, or your own site? Weigh your options, test each one, and adjust your business plan accordingly before getting started. 

Step 4: Write Product Descriptions. What makes your products the best on the market? And why should people buy from you? Use clear, descriptive copy to grab your customer's attention and build a profitable relationship.

Don’t forget merchants, Google favors original content. So creating your own images, copy, meta descriptions, and titles will BOOST your store’s SEO standing!

And finally, Step 5. Find Some Customers! 
Remember when we reminded you back in Step 1 to set your budget? Well, it’s now time to revisit those numbers. If you have more money, make the right ads to market the product, such as Facebook or Google ads.

If your budget is on the  smaller size, utilize free social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even YouTube to generate potential interest from buyers and drive traffic to your site! 

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You’ll also find some GREAT tips for running a SUCCESSFUL dropshipping business! Until next time, take care! But wait! Don’t stop there!

How does the drop shipping work?

Just like I mentioned before, dropshipping is a business model, once you get a sell, just forward it to the supplier. So you don't need any inventory, this will save you a lot of money, you can directly sell.

What do you need to do is mark up the price, so you get profit and then provide customer service because customers understand that you are sending the products. But it the true the suppliers sent the product directly to your customers.

How to start a dropshipping business?

First, you need to plan. Without a plan, you will failed. So, research the market first. What is your target audience? What is your product? After researching and you found a good product to sell and understand who is your audience, pick a platform.

i'll give you an example, you can use Shopify. They provide a free trial so you can start selling without spending money, after a few weeks or months then you can start paying.

After then, find a supplier. I personality recommend if you are just starting you can use AliExpress. After you are selling a good volume, you can try to contact directly, so you can get a better price.

That's and then you can create your business ID. So it is important, so you can legalize your business and the last time market your product get sales. 

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How to find dropshipping suppliers?

If you want an easy way you can use AliExpress, there are so many suppliers there, find a good one that have high stars ratings and many transactions. But if you have high volume, i advise that you contact them personally, so you can negotiate a better price.

Another way to find supplier you can join a Facebook group or a community. Ask well to find a good contact, so you can fight your best supplier. That's all about how to do dropshipping

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