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4 Mindset Shifts That Have Changed My Life

In this article, i'm going to talk about the mindsets that helped me to grow as a person and a student/college student. As a person in their late 10s and early 20s...

What we have to remember when talking about mindsets is that mindsets are often seen as 'tools in a toolbox'. So, we have to choose mindsets that are relevant to us today.

4 Mindset Shifts That Have Changed My Life

It is possible that, in the future, we don't need those mindsets anymore... It's also possible that we adopt a contrasting mindset and that's not a problem because mindsets are tools in a toolbox.

Use it with your relevant needs, and if it's not revelant anymore, try other ways of thinking. What you also have to note is, there's no such thing as an 'absolutely true' mindset.

So, we have to tailor it to our current needs and also understand that mindsets are just our tools to be closer to our goals and aspirations.

4 Mindset Shifts That Have Changed My Life

The first mindset is, "Greatness is an accumulation of smaller things". I used to think that in order to be great we have to have one big moment, such as lifting a mountain.

But, now, I realize that great people are those who can do good consistently, in a long period of time and continuously.

So, if we want to gain muscles, we don't go to the gym once, lift a 100kg weight, drop it, and then never go to the gym anymore.

But rather, we lift 10kg first, and then 15kg, and 20kg, and we do that over a period of time... that is what's going to make us cooler and more handsome than before.

This is also something that I tried with public speaking. During my junior high school, I tried to enroll to the Students' Council, and I had to make a speech.

I still remember how I was so nervous, hands on my back, and I was moving around like this. I used to think that, in order to be great at public speaking, I needed a moment where I completely changed people's perceptions.

Where people stand up and give me a round of applause. In the end, it never happened. but, now, i'm more confident in my public speaking, because it has accumulated from so many trials during the last 4 to 5 years.

This is also consistent to what's being teached in Atomic Habits, where, in building habits, we don't need to have one defining moment, but rather a growth of 1% everyday.

The next mindset is, "Privilege is a double-edged sword" When talking about privilege I have to be careful. First, accept the fact that privilege is real. Yes, it is very unfair. 

Oftentimes, people with the same skills, same idea, and same hard work. People with certain privileges, such as people with parents that are able to fund their hobbies, or people whose parents can afford paying the tuition for this and that school, or maybe they were born into a big city with this and that facilities.

Oftentimes, things like that, may determine whether someone becomes successful or not, depends on the society's standards. But, even though privilege is real, upon looking at the things that I want to do, I only use my privileges to choose what kind of battles I want to fight in. 

I think about what my privileges are, what other people's privileges are, so I can get helped by the privileges that I currently have. Because, in life, you can't have a fair start for everyone.

There's too many complexities and random events in this world that are making it impossible for us to be born from the same starting line.

So, we have to strategically see where our privileges are, so we can consider those privileges as the substitutions in our equation of becoming successful.

When I say that privilege is a double-edged sword, that means, privilege is relative, and it depends on how we see them.

For example, living in a small town, for many people, living in a small town is an underprivilege, there's no malls, concerts, or top universities. But, we can also see it as an opportunity to innovate because there's not many businesses. It can be a privilege for us because there's likely less competition.

My example for this is starting this YouTube channel. If I make this type of content in the global market, chances are, no one is going to care, because there's so much better ones out there.

But, I saw that, in Indonesia, there's not many people who make this kind of content... so I started dipping my toes here. My privilege is the fact that there's not many channels like mine, so it's easier for the audience to choose, because of that, it became like a 'cone', and I'm part of that 'cone'.

According to the book The Unfair Advantage, there's 5 kinds of privileges that we can analyze from our life. But, these privileges, can only be in effect if we have the right mindsets.

First, privilege is relative, and second, privileges can be good and bad. It depends on how we see it, and also who we compare ourselves to . 

The next mindset is the understanding of the fact that life rotates. I encountered this mindset when I was not in a good place during my 12th grade. I think it was my first heartbreak, I was so heartbroken and I thought to myself that this heartbreak was going to last long.

But, as it turns out, the cycle of life rotates on itself, as long as we want to help it rotate. We may be sad now, but, believe me, tomorrow we'll be happy again. And, when we feel happy, don't think like the world is ours, realize that sadness is inevitable.

And then, when you're sad, believe that happiness is going to come all over again. This is also relevant when we're talking about productivity. Oftentimes, we have bursts of productivity.

For example, during the beginning of college, we become very productive, but then, it drops, Oftentimes, when we are in this 'dip', it feels like we are stuck in that position forever.

But, what I'm trying to understand now is, we will inevitably become unproductive after being productive, and so on and so on. So, try to not imprison yourself, and understand that life rotates.

The next mindset is the balance of feeling content and desiring to grow. I used to think that people are on the either end of a spectrum.

On one side, they want to grow, they want to improve themselves, they want to improve this and that. On the other side, are the lazy people, those who wants to take things slowly, and are happy with what they have.

But, now, I think that we can pull those two point of views to have a middle point... On that point, we are going to feel like we want to improve while simultaneously feeling content.

This is a continuation of the 'tools in a toolbox' earlier. We can choose which side we want to be according to our current needs.

I also think that other self-help YouTubers, Blogger and books often misunderstand this concept. People often falsely believe that, when we are in one state, we have to constantly be there.

In reality, sometimes, we need to feel like we are enough with what we currently have. So, when I feel like i'm extremely lazy, and I feel like I'm uncomfortable with the current condition of my life, I get the necessary 'tool' out to help me get back on track.

But, when I enter the phase where I start comparing myself to other people, where I start to dislike myself. That's where I use my 'tool' to help me feel content with what I have right now.

This is what helps us seeing ahead, it creates something to thrive for but at the same time, we can also enjoy the things that surround us, the things that we currently have feeling more grateful, enjoying what we already have, and not take it for granted.

So, these are not states that we can choose either one, and be like that for the rest of our lives. This is more like a tool in a toolbox, just use ones that fit.

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Thank you, friends! you can also comment down below what mindset you have discovered that is very impactful for you. See you on the next Article!

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