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3 Powerful Marketing Words That Can Impact Your Business

 Isn't it strange or perhaps surprising how just the slightest change in a few words can make such a difference to the impact, to the conversions, to the success of our marketing messages.

In fact today, what I'm going to share with you is some more tried and tested and proven power words that you can sprinkle liberally into your marketing and thereby hopefully get better results indeed.

Powerful Marketing Business Words That Can Impact

That I did for you is some more power words that you can take away and use and there's just three of them. And the third one is magnetic and I'll come to that at the end.

So number one is the word secrets. What a powerful word this is to use particularly perhaps in the title of a free report that we've created.

The seven secrets of increased, whatever it might be. However, there's a thought here when we use the word secrets as to what who the audience is.

So for example, secrets tends to be, tends to be not always, but tends to be a towards motivated word. In the sense of, if I create a report called the secrets of whatever it might be, then that's something somebody wants to find out about.

Now it could well be that we're creating using the word secrets this idea of FOMO, FOMO, fear of missing out. Or in other words, if we don't know the secrets then we're going to miss out.

Let me back up a moment or two, and just think generally about the type of marketing that we can do, particularly with email. Subject lines or our headlines.

I've found that the best type of marketing is when I focus on the benefit that the reader or the viewer or the listener is likely to get from the product or service I'm offering, whether that's free or paid.

The second one is that I'm creating curiosity. So for example, the seven secrets of would be curiosity, wouldn't it? And the third one is news. And I tend to rank them in that order.

Number one, a benefit for the reader listener or watcher, number two, creating curiosity of some description. And number three is just a news value. I'm not putting it down there, news value is really powerful.

So secrets is good because it works. However, we need to think whether or not we want to focus on in away motivated message or towards motivated message. And what I found is if I'm marketing to an audience that doesn't yet know me, that's an away motivated message tends to add pull towards motivated message.

So rather than talk about the secrets of something, I might talk about the mistakes that we can avoid and that mistakes tends to be the away motivated message, whereas the secrets tends to be the towards motivated message.

In fact, one of the most powerful, most responsive bits of marketing I ever created was an email that offered a free report. And the free report was called "The Seven Big Mistakes That Business Owners Unwittingly Make Costing Them a Fortune In Lost Turnover, Lost Profits, and What's Even Worse Lost Personal Cash, and How To Avoid Them".

A great big long title, but I've never had a problem with long titles, I found that they've work well and that away motivated title of the report and the email subject line headline that went with it, which contains similar words, was really powerful.

And I've taught this idea to hundreds if not thousands of people over many, many years and those people who've taken the time to test it and use it as I have, have for themselves that when they're dealing with, should we call it a cold audience that the away motivated message does work much better.

The second word that we're going to use in our marketing, one of the top words is breakthrough. And breakthrough implies both news and something new, and the word new there's an extra one us today.

And the word new is extremely powerful as well. But if we can talk about something being a breakthrough therefore people will be curious, so it's a curiosity word.

People will be curious as to what that breakthrough might be. And if we craft the words around the word breakthrough carefully, they're also going to be curious about the extra benefits they're going to get from this breakthrough.

You can use breakthrough as the title of a programme. You could use it in a report. You could have it just as the first line in the name of a report, the title of report, just say breakthrough, and maybe then there are seven secrets of or breakthrough, how to avoid the whatever number of mistakes that you're going to use.

And I've tend to you what I call spiky numbers. In other words, odd numbers, prickly like seven. It's got lots of, or it's got one big angle in it, but I like those spiky numbers when I'm talking about mistakes rather than round numbers like eight, if I'm talking about a benefit in that way.

Now the third one and this is the one that I told you is magnetic, and this is just an amazing word. In fact words, a series of words, and the word is these, these, these or it could be this, and particularly these and this, as opposed to those and that, and here's why.

Many, many years ago there was a headline that didn't work. And it was this. "Do You Make Mistakes in English?" And that didn't work. And I believe the reason it didn't work was it was somewhat critical or it implied a critical thought or criticism of the reader.

Do you make mistakes in English? And of course, as a reader of that marketing message, we would almost get defensive, wouldn't we?

We might as well lean back and fold our arms and say, no, of course not, even though of course everybody does. But when they added the word, do you make these mistakes in English?

Wow, what a difference that was? Suddenly massive curiosity with an implied benefit of once we know the mistakes that we can avoid making them, and therefore we won't be looking silly in the way we may have looked silly before by making some of these mistakes in English.

That word these is great. Now, imagine the difference, if we'd use the word those? do you make those mistakes in English? Well, of course those are over there somewhere. Do you make that mistake in English?

Is over there somewhere. Whereas if you say, do you make these, oh gosh, it's up front and personal, isn't it? All these mistakes. It's almost frightening its so close.

So that's when I mentioned about the free report that I did, the seven big mistakes report I would use as a subject line. Do you make any of these seven mistakes in business?

Rather than do you make seven mistakes in business, Very different, isn't it? it's that word these, that was difficult to put together. It's that word these, that is so powerful and is what's called in marketing a magnetic word because it draws people in.

So there are three very simple and yet very powerful words that we can use. We've got secrets, we've got breakthrough and we've got this and these which we can sprinkle in our marketing to hopefully increase our conversion rates, increase the number of clients that we get and of course increase our profits and turnover and personal cash. 

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So I would urge you to take those away and use them and particularly the idea away motivation for cold audience. I think you'll find that will work well for you too. And if you have any questions at all about this, just put them in the chat box down there and I can get involved in the conversation with you.

And in the meantime, I wish you every success in all your adventures in life, as you have freedom from anything that may have held you back and freedom to be do and have, always in that order to be, do and have, whatever you set your heart and mind upon.

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