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Step By Step Starting A Business Part Three

Halo entrepreneurs, the business owners wherever you are. I'm back to share some tips for you, continuing the previous session about this tree.

Business' basics. First, if we have a business, we must focus on its root. The root consists of vision & mission, financial, and quality. 

I explained in the preceding article. Second, it's about our goal to grow this tree, even bear many fruits every day if possible.

That will be abundant, so you can share the fruits with your employees, your surroundings, your family, and of course yourself.

To reach it, you have to do marketing, service, and branding. That's what's the second article.

Step By Step Starting A Business for beginner


The third article is about how to run this business. How this tree really works. The water's absorbed up here, here, and here. Every time we give fertilizer, the flow is from here, to here, and here.

So, these branches and leaves are well nutritioned. That's what we call as System. How the system of this tree works really well. Imagine if the water's only absorbed here not there.

This side will be dry. This side will be shady. Funny, isn't it? Have you ever seen a tree that has one side greener and the other side is drying in brown? That's funny.

The point is, how we can create the system and rules that command for every certain time the water should go up and send to this part and that part.

That's a system. Imagine you own a business that has a system. That would be great. You can only watch the tree from afar and say, "Look at the tree! Everything runs well even though I leave it by itself."

I've left it for two months, but the tree becomes higher." That means the system is good. Although you leave it, the system runs pretty well.

Everything goes to its proper place. It runs by itself. That's a system. But, there is a business that you have to keep watching for the tree.

It's like telling the water to go up for it can be absorbed in all parts.

"Hey, you do this, you go this way." Everything is under your control. You'll be exhausted. When you will have time to think about something else if you keep watching your tree every second?

You water it, you cut the leaves all alone. You rule everything for the tree to grow. When you can leave the tree when you just pay too much attention to the tree?

If you create a good system, a right SOP, a clear rules for this tree, you can leave it, but the system still runs well. And you don't depend on certain persons. It means the system will still work, but you put some people here and there in your business.

We can't guarantee that they will still be in your business 100%. There's no guarantee that your employees will be 100% loyal and long-lasting.

There is no guarantee. I can't guarantee too. So my advice is, don't depend on certain persons/teams in the business, but count on the system.

You must create a business duplication, a rule duplication, step by step of the work flow. So whether a certain person works for us or not anymore, the business will still run well.

You can't do the duplication if you're doing this business by your own self. You should create a system of duplication, so if you leave it, it still runs. If you delegate it, it will still run. That's a system.

Creating a system is not as easy as the way I explain it to you. But, I have already run my system in the process of building my business.

So, I can leave my business, and thank God I can spare some time to share tips with another entrepreneur. Of course, there are steps of creating a system. You can learn about it all.

And the points are: First, the business basics that you have to know; Focus on the business root which consists of vision & mission, financial, and quality.

Then do your business marketing. Marketing is solution information. Give your best service too.

And branding is not from you, but from your customers who are happy with your product or your service. You have to create a system so your business can run without your physical presence.

It can really run well, can bear many fruits without your presence. Is that kind of business do exist in our environment? Yes.

Of course, you just have to pay attention and learn. There are so many businesses that are run by the system even though the owners are not there.

The business still runs and bear more fruits. And the owners can share more and can have more spare time. 

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That's the ultimate goal from the purposes of business owners. For you who want to have that kind of business, let's create it from now.

It's time to start building the foundation and do it properly so you'll eventually own a strong business and autopilot. Thank you. I hope it's beneficial for you. Entrepreneur spirit!

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