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Ways to Create a Simple Lead Magnet | Marketing Tips

 Leads. Everyday you and I talk about leads, everyday businesses think about leads. It's one of those things that people can spend a lot of time worrying over and once they worry about, even more, lead magnets.

Ways to Create a Simple Lead Magnet

I'm going to put these down. Lead magnets are one of those things that most businesses need. In fact, businesses like you and I can thrive off of using lead magnets in the right way, but people believe that it can take a long time to create them.

People believe that you have to be an amazing copywriter to create a lead magnet. And I'm here to tell you it's not true. In fact, what I'm going to show you today is four ways that you can create a lead magnet without having to write pages and pages and pages of high-quality copy.

The lead magnets have got to have to be high quality, but we're not going to worry about the content or writing today.

And today we're talking about four ways you can create a simple lead magnet that can highly engage your potential clients, that can create leads that can bring people to the top of your funnel.

And here's idea number one, a meeting document. A document that you allow people to download that they can take with them to their meetings.

So it could have simple stuff in on there, fill in a form, say the name and the location and the date, but then you can give some high-quality questions.

I mean, what are the questions that you ask when you go to meetings? I know if you were like me then you have a set process that when you go into any meeting you know you are going to follow this structure and you need to get the answers to certain questions so that you can give the best possible value.

Share this with your potential clients. Now that's one way you can create a lead magnet. And how quickly could you do this? You could design this for yourself, you could find a designer and send them just a list of a few questions and say, "Hey, I want to create a format of this that people can use."

How simple would that be? Another idea is a checklist. Why don't we create checklists that we can send to our list which are the things they need to do when they first get to their desk, the things they need to do in conflict resolution, the things they need to do to write a new piece of marketing, what are the things they need to get ready or to create videos.

What can you share with your people which will be perfect for a checklist. Idea number three is do interviews. Why don't you interview someone and you share that interview and then you ask people to, as we know with lead magnets, we ask people to sign up, we ask people to share their information with us.

And in exchange for that, we give an audio or video interview with someone interesting that the audience will respond to. would that be a great idea? And now number four, and this is the one I love.

Why don't you get someone to interview you? Why don't you get someone to do an interview where someone asks you the questions where you can then speak about the problems that you solve and share that.

You can share that as a document, you can share that as a video, you could share it as audio. Now those are four very quick and very simple ways that you could create a lead magnet and start getting details and building your list.

We know when as I said in the beginning, highly targeted prospects, highly targeted leads and qualified leads are the lifeblood of our business and these are four simple ways in which you can do them.

This leads me on to explain something else, I've spoken about leads for an important reason. And that reason is this week we have launched my product and my product is called the Automated Client Generation System. 

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