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Motivation Don't Ever Give Up On Yourself!!!

 What will you do? When you struggle to get what you want, but you keep losing every day.

What will you do? When you lose your job, you go bankrupt, you are abandoned by loved ones, you lose enthusiasm, you lose everything.

What will you do? When you give up, when you lose in your own mind, then it's all over.

Motivation Don't Ever Give Up On Yourself

Your problem is that when you often experience defeat, then that's what makes you doubt. Because you often experience pain, then that's what makes you afraid. 

You have the choice to respond to that pain and defeat. There are people who respond to defeat and pain by not leaving the room, contemplating and lamenting their fate every day.

There are people who respond to defeat and pain by blaming others, blaming the rules, and scapegoating circumstances. 

When you respond in this way, it means everything is done. But there are people who respond by using defeat and pain as strength to rise stronger than before.

Are they crying? sure, but it won't be long. Are they sad?, but it's only for a moment. Why? because they realize they have to get up and fight again to win their lives.

When you are broke, you are not the first person to go bankrupt, and you are also not the last. When you are cheated, you are not the only person in this world who gets cheated. 

When you get divorced, you are not the last person in this world to get divorced. Everyone has experienced failure and pain, but the difference is the way of responding to the defeat and the pain.

When you choose to fight, then you must also be prepared to lose. When you lose, people will leave you. They will start to not believe in you.

When you lose, people will start to leave you, and they will start to not believe in you. When you are in pain, people will start to walk away from you, they don't expect you anymore.

But believe me those times, we come to know which people love us and which people are only in our spirit.

The tears that fall from your eyes, the pain experienced by your soul and body, it will be a waste if you don't try to get up again.

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Make those tears, that pain, that humiliation, as strength to continue your struggle. Don't stop even if you have to crawl covered in blood.

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes everything we have planned perfectly doesn't go according to our plan, we finally falter, and that's what makes us kneel and give up.

But never leave the battle arena. Keep going, fight until the last drop of blood. Nothing is impossible my friend. Nothing is impossible; if we never give up, we will always have a chance to win.

When you experience pain and disappointment, the world will think you don't exist, everyone thinks you are a failure, but as long as we keep moving then the possibility will always be there.

If other people can get through it, God willing, you will be able to pass it too. Keep on walking. Always say that you can do it. Keep going and keep saying that someday will be my day.

Never stop fighting, do not ever give up, you have invested a lot of money in your business, many tears have fallen from your journey. There have been many prayers that have come from the people you love. You already paid so much.

Friends listen to me, I'm not trying to stop what you've been doing. I won't think you're stupid for choosing to give up, but please stand up one more time.

Your revenge must be avenged. Get up one more time. Don't be the average person who when he fails, he experiences pain, he experiences problems, experiences despair, he will stop and give up.

You are different. You are a star in the dark night. You are a spring in the middle of the vast desert. You are hope. You are destined to be a winner.

Enjoy your pain. At the end of the pain, there will be a beautiful gift waiting for you on the other end. At the end of the pain, you will feel much stronger than before.

At the end of the pain, you will be happy because you have fulfilled your promise to the people you love. Friends, listen to me... Stop crying.

You have to save your energy for the next fight. Even though now you are experiencing a great storm now, the storm will soon pass.

Trust me, I don't care how long it takes you to build your business, just hold on. I don't care how long it takes you to graduate from your college, keep moving.

You have to keep learning, you have to keep writing, you have to keep singing, you have to keep creating content, you have to keep running, you have to keep fighting, you have to keep practicing, keep your consistency. Because it is consistency that will make you a winner.

And if you survive, every storm that comes must pass, so enjoy your pain. Make your dreams come true. Keep moving and never give up.

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